A green phoenix appears from the ashes

Your last clean for a while little Skoda, sorry there.

In one of the more sedate blog entries, Rob cleaned the car, ahead of its departure for Europe’s Deep South on Tuesday, and discovers a truly green car.

Rob used a product that can only have spawned from the brain and mouth* of Alan Partridge.

*in that order.

Autoglym’s Aqua Wax, though good, did nothing to repair the rusted panels or the bird-corroded bonnet.


In these photos we get a sense of what it must have looked like as it clanked off the production line all those years ago.


A green bonnet. Green, like the forward-thinking engineers who fitted just 68 horse powers under the bonnet.


A green door. Green, like the traffic light you anticipate changing to avoid having to go down through the gears. Again.


A close-up of the green bonnet. Green, like the favourite British Racing Pantone. Suggesting speed and pedigree.

A green car. Green, representing the envious glances of all those not lucky enough to sweat their way through France and Italy in it.


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