The acid test

Lewis, the onboard mechanic nervously checked over the Skoda tonight.

The unassuming little green machine managed to hold its own in a garage full of cars worth 100 Felicias. At the height of the evening it managed to pull a crowd of at least three technicians. This was mainly to mock the prospect of traveling to the the south of France in a 1.3 with no air con.

Unfazed Lewis continued his ‘sit rep’.


Thankfully the only urgent items that need addressing are a couple of tyres, some brake pads and a nasty looking coolant hose.


To complete the evening a small wash was required to remove an enormous amount of bird dirt after parking under a tree.


To say the bird dirt was stuck to the bonnet would be an understatement. Much soap was used to unearth the sting in the pigeons tale as along with the dirt came the lacquer!


So, many things have been learnt today!
Next up, car stereo time!


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